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SoFI2016 Videos and Transcripts


Financial Inclusion 2016The Foundation’s 2016 Symposium on Financial Inclusion that took place in Kigali (Rwanda) October 20-21 saw more than 325 attendees being presented with two over-arching messages:

1) The need to use all tools at their disposal, such as insights from behavioural psychology, to understand more deeply the needs, wants and expectations of people currently excluded from formal financial products and services; and

2) The potential for innovative partnerships between financial service providers and others (i.e. fintech firms or mobile network operators) to reach new groups of disadvantaged people, offering the financial products and services most appropriate to their life situations.

With four keynote speeches, the awarding of The MasterCard Foundation’s ‘Clients at the Centre Prize,’ a vigorous formal debate on the merits of digital financial services, and a deep dive into the financial inclusion progress that Rwanda has made, the Symposium offered attendees (and those following it on social media) a far-reaching, state-of-the-sector analysis.

To see videos of all sessions, as well as accompanying transcripts and a list of those who attended, please go here.

Roger Morier
Senior Manager, Communications
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