Petronella Chigara-Dhitima

Managing Director, Mustard Seed Advisory

Petronella Chigara-Dhitima is Managing Director of Mustard Seed Advisory. She brings more than 24 years of experience in microfinance at operational, strategic, and advisory levels in different countries. She has extensive experience in setting up green-field bank down-scaling operations and creating microfinance banks in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has experience designing gender and youth friendly products for FSPs. Until 2010, she was Accion’s Africa Hub and Project Manager, leading the technical assistance team for EB-ACCION Ghana. Prior to that, she was head of Akiba Commercial Bank’s microfinance division in Tanzania.

Gerhard Coetzee

Head, Customer and Provider Solutions, CGAP

Gerhard Coetzee is Head of Customer & Provider Solutions at CGAP, working on customer-centric business models, financial innovations for smallholder families and digital financial products and services beyond payments. Gerhard is an Extraordinary Professor at the University of Stellenbosch Business School in South Africa. Previously, he was the Head of Inclusive Banking at Absa Bank, the Founder and Director of the Centre for Inclusive Banking in Africa, and a Professor in Agricultural Economics at the University of Pretoria. He is published widely and has worked in several countries, the majority in Africa.

Edward Effah

Group CEO, Managing Director and CEO, Fidelity Bank

Edward Effah, Founder of The Fidelity Group in 1998, currently serves as Group CEO, Managing Director and CEO, Fidelity Bank. Edward brought to Fidelity more than 15 years of experience in senior executive positions in finance and treasury management. Previous positions included: Director of Global Emerging Markets (GEM) Ghana Limited (1995-1998); Chief Finance Officer, Inter-Afrique Group (1994 - 1997); Risk Manager (1990 - 1994), Rudolf Wolff; and auditor and management consultant, Coopers and Lybrand, London (1987 - 1990). Edward is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Catalina Eikenberg

Head of Sustainability, Bernhard Rothfos GmbH

Catalina Eikenberg is Head of Sustainability at Bernhard Rothfos GmbH, part of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, the largest coffee trading group in the world. Previously, she was the Colombia Country Manager at TechnoServe, an American NGO working on business solutions to poverty. Before that, Catalina worked at BlueOrchard Finance in Geneva and Lima, managing the company's portfolio of investments in microfinance institutions in South America.

Sieka Gatabaki Kungu

Digital Financial Services Lead, AgriFin Accelerate Program, Mercy Corps

Sieka Gatabaki Kungu is the Mercy Corps AgriFin Accelerate Digital Financial Services Manager. Before AgriFin, Sieka served as a Technical Advisor with IFC, with over 12 years’ experience spanning from digital financial services to telecommunications. His experience ranges from the launch of mobile payments services to commercialization and usage expansion. Prior to IFC, Sieka worked with and consulted for various organizations including, Airtel Africa, Zain, Celtel, Vital Wave, Ernst & Young, and Grameen Foundation.


Soren Heitmann

Operations Officer, Financial Institutions Group, International Finance Corporation

Soren Heitmann is Operations Officer, Financial Institutions Group at IFC. He leads the applied research and knowledge program for the Partnership for Financial Inclusion, a joint initiative of IFC and Mastercard Foundation. He works at the nexus of data-driven research and technology to deliver learning and innovation for IFC’s DFS projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Previously, Soren led IFC’s M&E and Portfolio team for Europe and Central Asia. He has a background in cultural anthropology, database management, and software engineering, and is the co-author of the recently published Data Analytics and Digital Financial Services Handbook.

Ann Miles

Ann Miles

Director of Financial Inclusion, Mastercard Foundation

Ann Miles is Director of Financial Inclusion at the Mastercard Foundation. She is a seasoned leader in microfinance with many years of experience in financial services. Ann began her career in banking and spent 18 years with Citibank in the trade, financial institutions and private banking groups. From Citibank, Ann was recruited to Women’s World Banking to head the financial products and services team that served microfinance institutions within the network. She joined BlueOrchard Finance in 2005 and has led the development of several microfinance investment funds.

Olga Morawczynski

Program Manager, Mastercard Foundation

Olga Morawczynski is a Program Manager at the Mastercard Foundation. She has spent close to a decade actively working in the financial inclusion space. She has engaged closely with low-income clients to better understand their financial needs and with financial service providers to design and scale impactful solutions. Olga has published her work widely, both through peer reviewed journals and industry focused publications, and continues to actively innovate in the industry, engaging providers, regulators and customers to push the needle on financial inclusion.

Roger Morier

Senior Communications Manager, Mastercard Foundation

Roger Morier is a Senior Manager, Communications at the Mastercard Foundation. He develops and oversees implementation of its strategic communications work around financial inclusion. This includes working with more than 40 of the Foundation’s partners to help leverage their outreach activities. Prior to joining the Foundation, Roger was a Communications Advisor at the World Bank, leading the design and implementation of communications strategies for internal, global or sectoral programs. Before that he worked in Paris as a senior communications officer in various positions in the public and private sectors, following a career in broadcast journalism in Canada and France.

Reeta Roy

President and CEO, Mastercard Foundation

Reeta Roy has been President and CEO of the Mastercard Foundation since 2008. Since its founding in 2006, the Foundation has committed more than $US 2.2 billion to improve the lives of almost 24 million people in 66 countries. Prior to joining the Foundation, Reeta was Divisional Vice President of Global Citizenship and Policy at Abbott, and Vice President of the Abbott Fund, its corporate foundation. From 1991 to 2002, she held a number of leadership positions at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Before joining the private sector, Reeta worked at the United Nations. She is regularly called upon by the United Nations, the World Bank, and World Economic Forum to represent the philanthropic sector and contribute to global development strategies.

Sumaiya Sajjad

Program Manager, Mastercard Foundation

Sumaiya Sajjad is a Program Manager at the Mastercard Foundation. As such, she is responsible for partnerships that are aimed at talent building in the financial inclusion sector, building the institutional and human capacity of financial service providers, as well as expanding access to finance through alternative delivery channels. Sumaiya leads management of the annual Mastercard Foundation Symposium on Financial Inclusion. Prior to joining the Foundation, she worked with the First MicroFinance Foundation in Egypt, Pact in Washington, D.C., and BRAC in Bangladesh.

Khalil Shariff

Khalil Shariff

CEO, Aga Khan Foundation Canada

Khalil Shariff joined Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) as Chief Executive Officer in 2005. He was previously with McKinsey & Company where he advised governments, financial institutions and health care providers on strategy, organization, and operational improvement. Khalil served on AKFC’s National Committee for five years and has cultivated his interest in international development and conflict resolution through a variety of activities, serving as: Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Harvard Negotiation Law Review; Policy Co-ordinator and Research Associate, Harvard Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research; Legal Intern, Chambers of the Vice-President, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda; and Intern, Office of Under- Secretary-General, UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations.


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